Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Killing of Pralamba demon by krishna's elder brother Balaram

Pralamba was a demon sent by evil Kamsa to kill Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama. When he reached Vrindavan, he saw Krishna and Balaram were playing along with other cowherds of the village. He transformed himself into a cowherd and asked them to join him in their game. The cowherds were playing a special kind of game, called game of deer, which is a sort of a race. Two teams are formed and they are required to race up to finish point. According to the rules of game, the loser has to run back to the starting point carrying the winner on his shoulders. Pralamba knowingly lost the game and was forced to carry Balarama on his back. However, Pralamba then transformed himself into a larger form and tried to run off with Balarama still clinging to him. Balarama cried for help, but Krishna suggested him to use his own power and kill the demon. Balarama hammered the demon head very brutally with his formidable fists, ending the life of demon leaving back blooded mouth and head.

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