Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Information about Shri Sanwariya Seth of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan

Sanwaliya ji Seth is an avatar of Lord Krishna. Sanwaliya ji is also known as sanwariya ji and sanwariya seth or sanwara seth. Sanwariya ji setho ke seth (banker of the bankers). The history of this temple goes back to about 250 years back, when a cow-heard name Bholaram Gurjar in his dream saw that 4 statues of a diety is burried at a place called Bhadsoda. Upon digging that place, the dream came true. One statue was destroyed in the process, which was again re-buried. All the three statues look exactly the same. It is a very beautiful Krishna statue, with Lord Krishna playing flute. These statues are present even today at Bhadsoda and Mandpiya villages, near Chittorgarh of Rajasthan. This is a very powerful and magical place of Lord Krishna.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Krishna Janmashtami Wallpapers

Below are some Lord Krishna Janmashtami photos. Lord Krishna was born on this day, called Janmashtami.

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Lord Krishna doing meditation

This is a rare Krishna Wallpaper, in which we see Lord in 'dhyana' or meditation pose. Lord Krishna, who is the supreme Lord Himself, is yet engaged in meditation and yoga. Must download for all and set as computer wallpaper.

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Friday, 12 August 2011

Lord Krishna and Fruit Seller

Once, when Lord Krishna was only a boy, there used to be a lady fruit seller from adjacent village of Vrindavan. She was popular amongst kids as she used to sell some very sweet fruits. When she heard about the glories and stories of boy named Krishna, she decided to see Him and offer him some fruits. With some hardships, she covered the distance and reached Vrindavan, and started looking for Him. She reached Krishna's house and started calling Him by name, but no one appeared. She had to leave empty handed on the first day. She again arrived on the second day but could not see Lord Krishna. The third day, she decided firmly that if Lord does not see him today, she would not leave. Sensing this, Lord Krishna finally came to fruit seller and asked for some delicious fruits. When the fruit seller fist saw Him, she got completely lost. She got out of her senses. Then, controlling herself, she said what Krishna would pay her in return. To this lord Krishna went inside to the store room and collected a hand full of grain with Him. As He was just a boy, He thought this would be more than what He is buying. And while He was on the way back to the fruit-seller, the grains slowly kept falling behind from His small hands. At the time when He came back, He had only a few grain pieces left with Him. To this the fruit seller laughed and asked Him to take whatever He wished, only if Krishna calls her as mother, and sits on her lap for a moment. Krishna gladly accepted, called her as mother and sat on her lap for a while. He then took some fruits with Him and went inside. The lady got very happy on this. One her way back to home, she started feeling her basket as heavy. She pulled it down and was astonished to see it full of rare jewels and pearls.

Glory be of Lord Shri Krishna. This is just one of the endless glorious stories between Lord Krishna and His devotees. Bhakt aur Bhagwan ki jay!

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Radha Krishna

Below is Radha Krishna Wallpapers for viewing and free download. Amongst all the Gopis, Radha was the supreme beloved by Lord Krishna and they used to spend lot of time together. Krishna would play his flute in the lands of Vrindavan, and Radha would listen to the soothing sound. Radha was very fair in color, whereas, on the contrast, Krishna was dark, which made him jealous since Krishna was mischievous.

Always seen along with God Krishna, Radha is regarded as supreme Godess. It is said that Lord Krishna rules over the world, but Radha even rules over Krishna's mind. Hence, if you can please Radha, you can get blessings of Lord Krishna easily. Applying this logic, many people worship Radha and chant her name daily as "Radhe Radhe"!

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Krishna Govinda Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper of boy Krishna, at his favorite pass-time - playing the flute.
Shree Krishna Govinda hare murare, hey naath narayana vasudeva.

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Perfect Krishna Face

This Krishna wallpaper is a perfect picture of the almighty deity. Lord Krishna can be seen with a very cordial and kind face, always ready to listen to devotees sorrow and then remove them.
Jai Shri Krishna.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lord Krishna was Born on day called Janmashtami

A beautiful wallpaper depicting baby Lord Krishna being born. Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami of Krishna Paksh of Bhadrapada. This picture shows the rituals that were carried out when Lord Krishna was born. We see brahmins reciting vedic mantras. Residence of His father Nanda maharaj is fully decorated. Mother Yashoda and other ladies are washing the Holy baby with mixture of pure water, oil and turmeric powder. 

Monday, 8 August 2011

Rare Lord Krishna wallpaper in sitting pose

This is an ultimate Lord Krishna wallpaper. In this wallpaper Lord Krishna can be seen in a sitting pose, which is very rare view. Lord Krishna is seen sitting comfortably on His asana (seat) in an ecstatic mood and showering blessings upon His devotees.

Jai Shree Krishna.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Krishna lifts Gowardhan mountain to save Vrindavan

Lord Krishna is said to have lifted an entire mountain named Govardhana at the age of just seven. Krishna did this to save the people of Vrindavana from the wrath of Lord Indra. Lord Indra is considered as rain God in India. Lord Krishna once advised his people to stop worshiping Lord Indra, and to start worshiping nature and mountains instead, as nature brings rain on earth, and not Lord Indra. Infuriated by this, Lord Indra sent a catastrophic storm and rain to Vrindavan village. In order to protect his village's people and animals, Lord Krishna lifted the entire Govardhan mountain in his small finger, to act as a shelter and umbrella.

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Bal Gopal Krishna Wallpaper

You are viewing Bal Krishna Gopal Wallpaper. The childhood Krishna is also known as the name of Bal Gopal. Baby Krishna was very attractive and beautiful child and was center of attraction for the entire Vrindavan village. Residents of Vrindavan loved Bal Gopal a lot.

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Beautiful Radha Krishna Wallpaper

This is a beautiful and serene wallpaper of Radha Krishna. Just a look of it seems serene to our eyes. Lord Krishna can be seen playing flute in this wallpaper and Radha ji is showering blessings upon His devotees. Lord Krishna is Shyam (Black) where as Radha ji is Gaur (Fair in color).
You must set this awesome Krishna wallpaper at your desktop.

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Krishna and Balaram Makhan Chor

Below wallpaper shows Bal Krishna (child or baby Krishna) and His elder brother Balaram stealing Makahan or Butter in a mischievous manner. Whenever their parents are away, they would do this as they loved stealing makhan.

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Maiya Yashoda with Bal Krishna

This wallpaper depicts Maiya Yashoda holding the Baby Krishna (bal Krishna) in her lap and serving Him with freshly made butter (makhan). Krishna loved to eat butter and was mischievous in this en-devour too as he would steal the same when denied permission. That's why, Lord Krishna was also called "makahan chor" (butter thief) during his childhood.

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Radha Krishna playing Holi with Gopis

In this wallpaper, Radha and Krishna are seen playing the colorful celebration of Holi with other Gopis of Vrindavan, on the banks of Yamuna river. This is a part of what is called raas-lila of Lord Krishna.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beautiful Krishna Wallpaper with flute

Below is a beautiful and seren Krishna Wallpaper along with flute. Lord Krishna is seen in serene mood while playing soothing flute. This Krishna image is of a deity from a Krishna temple.

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Sawariya Seth - Krishna Wallpaper

Let me start the first wallpaper with Seth Sawariya. Sawariya seth is jagat seth, which means Banker of the world. The treasure of Saawariya Seth never empties, and who ever visits him never goes empty handed. This is a popular belief. So take blessings of Lord Krishna in form of Sawariya Seth from this wallpaper and say Radhe Radhe

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First Post - Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Shri Krishna.

Dear Friends,
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Radhe Radhe