Friday, 12 August 2011

Radha Krishna

Below is Radha Krishna Wallpapers for viewing and free download. Amongst all the Gopis, Radha was the supreme beloved by Lord Krishna and they used to spend lot of time together. Krishna would play his flute in the lands of Vrindavan, and Radha would listen to the soothing sound. Radha was very fair in color, whereas, on the contrast, Krishna was dark, which made him jealous since Krishna was mischievous.

Always seen along with God Krishna, Radha is regarded as supreme Godess. It is said that Lord Krishna rules over the world, but Radha even rules over Krishna's mind. Hence, if you can please Radha, you can get blessings of Lord Krishna easily. Applying this logic, many people worship Radha and chant her name daily as "Radhe Radhe"!

(click on radha krishna wallpaper to view large size)

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