Thursday, 18 December 2014

Krishna marriage with Lakshmana and Rohini

Lakshmana was the wife of Lord Krishna and the last of the Asthabharya the eight principal queen-consorts. She was the daughter of an unnamed ruler of Madra provinces. The King organized the swayamvara ceremony, where the archer had to shoot the target to win the hand of bride for marriage. Among all the princes gathered, Duryodhana and Jarasandha miss the target. Arjun the Pandava prince and Krishna's cousin, described as the best archer at times, missed his aim at the target intentionally. Arjun’s brother Bhima refused to participate in deference to Krishna. Ultimately, Lord Krishna wins by hitting the target and got married to her. Rohini is also Krishna’s wife and one of the Asthabharya.
Whereas in The Bhagavata Purana it is mentioned that Lord Krishna abducts Lakshmana from the swayamvara.

Lord Krishna kidnapping Lakshmana
Lord Krishna with Lakshmana

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Krishna marrying Nagnajita

Nagnajita was Lord Krishna wife and one of Asthabharya. Nagnajita was the daughter of Nagnajit the king Kosala Kingdom. The king Nagnajit had taken a vow to marry his daughter to a man that takes his 7 bulls and puts noose on them successfully. Many tried but failed. When Lord Krishna heard about this he went to Kosala Kingdom and expressed his intent to marry his daughter Nagnajita .The king welcomed him and asked him to do the same task before having her hand in marriage. Krishna assumes himself in 7 forms and conquers all of them at once and got married Nagnajita.
Krishna admiring Nagnajita
Krishna marrying Nagnajita 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Rukamani prominent queen of Krishna

Rukmani is the first and most prominent queen of the Lord Krishna the king of Dwarka.Rukmani is considered as the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi who wanted to marry and stay with her husband Lord Vishnu on earth. It is believed that Rukmani was the only woman who was just as beautiful and virtuous as Radha. This story depicts how Lord Krishna heroically abducted her and eloped with her to prevent an unwanted marriage at her request and saved her from an evil Shishupal.

Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmaka, the King of Vidarbha. She secretly developed the love for Lord Krishna in her heart. Her brother Rukmi was a friend of Jarasandha, who was an enemy of Krishna. Rukmi wanted Rukmani to marry his friend Shishupala the crown prince of Chedi and also a friend of Jarasandha and was against Krishna. Rukmi arranged for Rukmini's wedding by convincing his father to marry her with Shishupala, who actually wanted Rukmini to marry Krishna. When Rukmini heard this news she wrote a letter to Lord Krishna about her love for him and her brother's plans and sent it through a Brahmana. She asked Lord Krishna to kidnap her on her way to temple or back. Lord Krishna after reading the letter at once left for Vidarbha along with his brother Balarama.

Meanwhile, Shishupala was over the moon at the news from Rukmi that he could simply go to Kundina (present day Koundanyapur) Amravati district and claim Rukmini. Jarasandha felt something wrong and doubt that Krishna might interrupt the wedding thus sent all his vassals and allies along with him. And other hand when Bhishmaka heard about Krishna's arrival he joyfully set up a furnished mansion for Krishna to take rest on his way.

Rukmini went to the Parvati temple but could not see Krishna anywhere, she prayed to goddess Parvati that Krishna takes her away. Rukmini when she stepped out of the temple she saw Krishna waiting for her, he soon swept her into his chariot with him. They both started to ride off when Shishupala noticed them and instantly Jarasandha's forces started chasing them. Balarama tried to stop and occupied most of them but Rukmi almost caught Krishna.

Lord Krishna and Rukmi fought with the predictable result of Krishna's victory. When Krishna was about to kill him, Rukmini fell at the feet of Krishna and begged to spare her brother's life. Lord Krishna generously agreed but as punishment, shaved Rukmi's head and let him go free. There was no greater shame for a warrior than a visible sign of defeat.

Lord Krishna came to the village of Madhavpur Ghed with Rukmini and got married to her at this very place. In the memory of that event now there is a temple built for Lord Madhavrai. In memory of this marriage a celebration is held at Madhavpur every year. Later in Dwaraka, Lord Krishna was married to Rukmini with big ceremony.

Rukamani the prominent queen of Krishna
Krishna marrying Rukamani

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lord Krishna marriage with Mitravinda

Mitravinda was the fifth of the Ashtabharya the eight principle queen-consort of Lord Krishna the Hindu deity. She was the daughter of Rajadhidevi and King Jayesena the ruler of Avanti Kingdom, present day Ujjain in India. Rajadhidevi was the sister of Kunti and cousin sister of Krishna's father Vasudeva.
Mitravanda’s brother wanted her to marry Duryodhana and arranged the Swayamvara ceremony. But intentionally they did not invite Lord Krishna and Balarama. Balarama knowing of Mitravinda's love for Krishna advised Krishna to kidnap her. When Krishna came to know of this, he went to the venue of the svayamvara. Complying with her wishes, Lord Krishna kidnaped her from the venue of the svayamavara where he was challenged by her brothers, Duryodhana and other princes who wanted to marry Mitravinda. After defeating the princes of Avanti, Duryodhana and other suitors Lor Krishna kidnaped her and married her. Mitravinda had ten sons: Vrika, Harsha, Anila, Gridhra, Vardhana, Unnada, Mahamsa, Pavana, Vahni and Kshudhi.
Lord Krishna with Mitravinda
Lord Krishna Image 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lord Krishna with Kalindi

As legend Kalindi was the fourth wife among the eight wives of Lord Krishna collectively known as Ashtabharya. Kalindi was the daughter of Lord Surya (sun god), and considered as the deity of holy river Yamuna in India. Once Lord Krishna and Arjun went for hunting and stopped along the coast of Yamuna for rest. There they saw a beautiful young girl walking on the banks of Yamuna River. Lord Krishna asked Arjun to enquire who she was. Arjun asked her who she was for which she replied she is the daughter of Lord Surya and reside in the water of Yamuna the place given by her father. She told that she is in penance and meditating to marry Lord Krishna. Knowing all Lord Krishna marries her. Kalindi as consort plays an important role in the early life of Lord Krishna. It is believed that true devotees can remove there sin by bathing and drinking Yamuna Holy water.
Lord Krishna with Kalindi image
Lord Krishna with Kalindi photo